a graphics blog dedicated to sistar's rapper; yoon bora
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If you have time, you should do more Bora stuff. All the SISTAR blogs are kinda closed or inactive and I rarely see good gifs and edits anymore, sobs ;A;

aw you’re right, i am also fully aware about the inactivity of many sistar blogs… including myself, i’m not that active as well so i’m sorry about that orz but i’ll try to stay active/consistent from now on! as i’ve mentioned before, i haven’t really been up to date with sistar/bora lately so if you have anything you wanna request, i’ll be glad to do it :’-) (i’ll start next week though as i’m going on a trip this week so sorry about that as well ^^;;)


omg you are back? ~ yes finally!! Would you make a gifset of Bora from the recent idol championship archery?

yes i am!! aww i’m sorry i left this blog out too long i’ll try to update as much as i can i just haven’t been up to date that much on sistar lately ;___; and of course, i’ll work on it now. c:

140130 | Happy 24th/25th Birthday Yoon Bora!

from endorsement deals, to variety shows, to becoming an mc, you’ve accomplished so much this past year and STAR1s couldn’t be prouder. may this coming year bring you more chances to shine bright like the perfect being you are!



THANK YOU SO MUCH! ;A; i’m sorry i haven’t updated at all lately though so i’ll be sure to do that soon ;u;


i can't find your theme source ! could please you share the codes ?

oh you’re right anon, the source of my theme seemed to deactivate ;___; anyways, here's the theme code!


hi there! can you tell me what psd are you using on this post? thank you! /post/53964835236/q-to-dasom-tell-us-the-appearance-ranking-in-the

hello! oh it’s no problem; it’s the 3rd one in this psd pack c: